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Good news all flights arrive and depart at Capetown Airport irrespective with which airline you fly, even low cost airlines!

You can reach all terminals at Cape Town Airports within easy walking distance.
Passengers requiring special access to the terminal or a wheelchair can contact the Cape Town International Airport hotline on 021 935 3737.

Cape Town airport checking in hall

Courtesy of Jimmy Baikovicius

Ensuring You Get To And From The Airport In Time

  • Capetown Airport is about 20km from the Cape Town City centre. It takes at least 20 minutes, not considering traffic jams. During peak hours it could take you up to an hour to get into Cape Town.
  • Stellenbosch is about 30km and takes about 45 minutes
  • Paarl 57km and takes an hour
  • Hermanus 100km and takes about 1 ½ Hours

During holidays and peak season you will often find further traffic jams along the coastal Road to Bantry Bay and Somerset West, especially when driving over the Sir Lowrys Pass to Hermanus -so, do plan enough time.

Plan Your Route

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Meeting And Greeting Points

You will find meeter and greeter points at both domestic and international flight arrivals after baggage collection.

Domestic flight arrivals have an additional meeting point at luggage collection.
So just make sure where you will meet the person collecting you.

Finding Best Parking At Cape Town Airports

Park to pick up – is ideal if you collect or drop someone!
In the past the driver had to wait in the vehicle when collecting someone. You can now park.

But you are not allowed to exceed the 30 minute allocated time. Otherwise this really costs you a lot of money - much more than the normal parking fees.

Be prepared - watch the video:

  1. The pick up and go area in Parkade 1 is the first Parkade as you enter the airport. There are passenger service agents located in the foyer of Parkade 1 to help you.

  2. Parking near International Terminals
    Parkade 1 (P1) – multilevel normal parking. Pick up area on ground floor
    P3 – shaded Parking (serviced)

  3. Parking near domestic terminals
    P2 – multilevel normal parking. Valet parking service on ground floor
    P4 – shaded parking, unserviced
    P5 – long stay parking

Parking map for quicker and better orientation of Capetown airport.

Payment for parking is done at payment units placed on the ground floor of the parking buildings. Parking attendants are on hand to assist with any problems.

Getting To and From Cape Town Airport

  • Shuttle Services
    A number of shuttle service companies with walk-in travel desks are centrally located in the international, domestic and central terminals.  but, if you would like to make sure you have your transfer service waiting for you, then we recommend these two shuttle services:

    1.  Shuttle from Airport to your hotel.  Use this when you arrive, it has received a number of excellent reviews.
    2.  Shuttle from your hotel to the airport. Use this when it's time to leave.

    Although these are shared transfers the great thing is that each vehicle only transfers to one hotel. So you're not wasting your time stopping at a number of different hotels! You can book these transfers to a hotel in the city or the Cape Winelands.

  • Airport MyCiTi shuttle
    The shuttle bus runs between the Civic Centre Station in central Cape Town and the Airport Station (outside the arrivals terminal). The Bus departs every 20 minutes from both stations. Tickets can be bought at the kiosks inside.

  • Taxi
    For safety and security, passengers should only use “Touch –Down” Taxis, this is the officially authorised airport taxi service +27 (0)21 919 4659

  • Train
    There is not train operating from Cape Town International Airport.

  • Transportation Guide
    If you have general questions regarding transportion in Cape Town then we recommenc you read our complete Cape Town transportation guide.

Cape Town Car Rentals

Car Rental Collection

Car rental counters are both in the domestic and international arrivals terminals.

To collect your car you will find the car rentals just across the road from the central terminal building on the ground floor at capetown airport. Compare and find best value cars from top car hire brands.

Tip: When collecting your car ask for an upgrade. If it is not peak season you can get a better car without paying more. Or they give you a nicer car that is marginally more expensive. It’s worth asking!

If you need a mobile phone or navigation system, you will find the mobile phone vendors, from which you can rent mobile phones and navigation systems at the International Arrivals terminal.

Car Rental Returns

Plan about 15 minutes at capetown airport. With some rental companies you can just throw the key in a return box and others inspect your car thoroughly.

When returning your rental car, rather ask for your car to be checked and then let the person, who checked the car, sign your rental papers that everything is fine. This avoids any disputes which may crop up at a later stage when you are back home.

Planning Quick Links

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Find cheap flights Cape Town Compare and Book

Hotels At Cape Town International Airport

The Road Lodge Hotel and you need to pay for shuttle transfers between the airport and hotel!

This hotel I can only be recommended if you really don’t have any other options! there a lot of superb hotels and guesthouses within 10-15 minutes driving distance, even if it means taking a taxi.

Shops And Restaurants

You will find the usual range of shops and restaurants at Cape Town Airports both before and after Customs as at most international airports.

In every terminal you can find banks, ATM's and money exchange offices.
Wireless internet is also available everywhere.

There is a smoking area with internet access in the International Departures Terminal.

The post office is next to the Domestic Arrivals

Need Assistance With Your Baggage?

Then I suggest you hire a porter. They all work for themselves so there are no fixed rates. You can hire a porter for a group under tel: +27(0)837 106 893).

If you want to store baggage you have two possibilities:

  1. Domestic arrivals. Costs R15 per suitcase per day, regardless of size.
  2. International departures. Luggage can be stored with Moda Exotica for R20 per suitcase per day.

Lost Baggage:
International arrivals has two service points for lost luggage. One directly after passport controls and the other just before leaving the baggage claim area. Found items are taken to the police station

Domestic flight arrivals has one service point which you will find on the left hand side close to the toilets.

Plan Enough Time For Checking In

Check-in time is 2 hours prior to International flight departures from Cape Town Airports.

Domestic flights check-in is 90 minutes prior to flight departures.

Consider extra time if you are claiming your Tax Refund.

Save time and check-in online for domestic flight departures from capetown airport. This can usually be done 24 hours prior to flight departure.

For better orientation for flight departures at Cape Town International Airport here you will find maps to download

Luggage Regulations

Hand Luggage:
Each passenger departing Cape Town airport is only allowed one item of hand luggage which is not allowed to weigh more than 5kg and it may not be bigger

56 centimetres tall (approximately 22 inches)
45 centimetres wide (approximately 17.7 inches)
25 centimetres deep (approximately 10 inches)

Excess baggage
On flight departures from Cape Town International Airport, check your airlines baggage restrictions.

Airlines are very strict regarding size and weight limits for both hand luggage and checked-in baggage. Costs for excess baggage can be very expensive.

With codeshare flights it is easy to assume that the luggage allowance will be the same as the airline you are booked through. However it is the rules of the
actual airline operating the flight that apply.

Frequent flyers with status should be particularly careful, as any increased baggage allowance you have when flying with your airline will not necessarily
apply to the codeshare flight.

Should you have more baggage than allowed, check with the airline to see which is the cheapest way of carrying it from capetown Airport Sometimes additional baggage allowances can be pre-purchased, especially online where discounts may be given.

Tip: Excess luggage fees are higher if the excess weight is detected at the airport than if pre-arranged and pre-purchased.

Treat Yourself To A Relaxing Lounge

This is the best way to start your flight relaxed and refreshed!

Even if you don't have a first or business class ticket from Cape Town Airports, you can obtain access to lounges:

  • At Capetown Airport they have a Premier lounge where you can gain access if you have a certain status card for eg. Diners Club, ABSA, American Express, etc. in your possession.

    Enjoy complimentary light meals and snacks, take a shower or just sit back and relax. Here you can make an online booking

  • Check if your airline allows one-day lounge entry for a fee at Capetown airport.

Important Contact Details for Capetown Airport

Airport information desk ....................
Airport help desk ................................
South African police service ..............
Airport fire & rescue ...........................
Airport clinic.........................................
Airport terminals..................................
Airport landside ..................................
Airport airside .....................................
Duty manager .....................................

+27 (0)21 937 - 12 00
+27 (0)21 937 - 12 57
+27 (0)21 937 - 12 63
+27 (0)21 937 - 12 11
+27 (0)21 936 - 22 77
+27 (0)21 936 - 25 62
+27 (0)21 935 - 37 37
+27 (0)21 937 - 13 22
+27 (0)21 937 - 12 29
+27 (0)21 935

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